Legal Aid Coordination Center

- In order for every citizen to be able to receive legal aid, Ukraine has a system of free legal aid - one of the most successful social projects of the Ministry of Justice and the Government of Ukraine, which became possible with the support of international partners who recognize the Ukrainian model of legal aid. assistance is one of the best in the world.


Free legal aid - legal aid guaranteed by the state and fully or partially provided from the State budget, local budgets and other sources.


According to the Law of Ukraine "On Free Legal Aid", there is primary legal aid and secondary legal aid.


Free Primary Legal Aid (BPA) includes the following types of legal services: provision of legal information, advice and clarification on legal issues; preparation of applications, complaints, other legal documents (except procedural); providing assistance in ensuring a person's access to secondary legal aid and mediation.


All persons under the jurisdiction of Ukraine have the right to BPPD.


Free secondary legal aid (BVPD) includes the following types of legal services: protection; representation of interests of persons in courts, other state bodies, local governments, before other persons; preparation of procedural documents.


The right to BVPD have categories of persons defined by the Law of Ukraine "On Free Legal Aid" and other laws of Ukraine.


The system of free legal aid is quite extensive and includes, in particular, Regional Centers and Local Centers for Secondary Legal Aid, as well as legal aid bureaus, which are territorial branches of Local Centers and are as close as possible to the people.


Regional centers for free secondary legal aid - coordinate the activities of local centers, as well as provide BVPD to citizens in criminal and administrative cases.


Local centers and legal aid bureaus - provide both primary and secondary legal aid to the categories of persons defined by the Law, including in the most remote towns and villages.


Coordination of the BPD system throughout Ukraine is carried out by the Coordination Center for Legal Aid, the main task of which is to ensure the efficiency of the BPD system, its accessibility, openness and quality of legal aid. This includes raising the qualification level of lawyers, employees of the system and other legal aid providers, and the introduction of modern information technology, and methodological support, and cooperation with international organizations, and monitoring of the executive branch, and the formation and implementation of public policy.


In order to ensure high quality legal services in the system of free legal aid in 2018 for the first time among government agencies created a communication platform for professional training and implementation of innovative practices in law and access to justice - a network of legal clubs PRAVOKATOR, whose name deliberately includes the term "PRAVO ", Which emphasizes the" positive provocation ".


The PRAVOKATOR network covers the entire territory of Ukraine, as it is located in the 5 largest cities: Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa and Lviv, and its activities are focused on certain areas.


The mission of the BPD system is to protect human rights by ensuring equal access to legal information and justice, strengthening the legal capacity and legal capacity of representatives of socially vulnerable groups, local communities and communities.


As human rights issues are a common priority for the ABA ROLI project and the BPD system, we are interested in developing a mutually beneficial partnership to ensure the rights and freedoms of everyone.


Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for the Rights of the Child

- Mykola Kuleba since 2000 was a President and Founder of the International Charitable Organization "Child Rescue". During 6 years he created the network of specialized rehabilitation centers for children appeared in difficult circumstances, street and careless children. Then he went on to serve children in the government service. During for 9 years he was a Chairman Of City Service For Children in Kiev (capital of Ukraine) and implemented a measure directed to the implementation of the state policy relate with supporting of social and legal safeguard of orphans. Now, Mykola Kuleba is an Ombudsman for Children with the President of Ukraine and his main task is to ensure the proper conditions in order to protect civic, economic and social rights of children in Ukraine as well as guarantee that all international commitments of Ukraine are kept in the children's rights area. Mykola Kuleba, being Christian has a family with four children.


Several main areas of activity of the Commissioner:

- Reform of boarding schools

- Support for families with children

- Online child safety

- Combating sexual abuse of children

- Ensuring the right of children to participate in decisions that affect them

- Support for graduates of boarding schools

- Counteracting bullying in educational institutions and creating a safe environment for all participants in the educational process

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