Online conference “Finding Balance between Internet Freedoms, Freedom of Expression Online and National Security Needs in Ukraine”

During two days on June 30 and July 1, 2020, the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, together with the Legal Aid Coordination Center, the Human Rights Platform, and the Center for Civil Liberties are going to hold an international ONLINE conference "Finding Balance between Internet Freedoms, Freedom of Expression Online and National Security Needs in Ukraine”. The expert discussion will take place on the ZOOM platform and will be based on the survey carried out by experts from the United States, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. The event seeks to develop detailed recommendations for Ukraine on how to improve current practices in the country related to this topic.


The objective of the event is to continue a dialogue on these topics, find an effective compromise with the aim of protecting human rights in Ukraine and develop effective recommendations for government authorities.


When? The conference is to begin on June 30 and end on July 1, 2020. Each day the conference will start at 2.40 p.m. and end at 6.00 p.m. approximately.


Where? We will meet on the Zoom platform


What will we talk about? It is planned to hold four sessions over two days, discussing the following:


     national and cyber security in international law,


     Internet freedom and fight against disinformation,


     modern challenges that affect Internet freedom and freedom of expression online,


     combatting cyber threats and disinformation to support national security - an international approach, the best and worst practices.




The first day of the event will be dedicated to international law, Internet freedoms and cyber operations. We will review international law and study cases related to the fight for Internet freedom in the EU countries and the United States.


On the following day we will focus on the fight against Russian propaganda and cyber threats, and the participants will analyze the development of counter-measures against disinformation, the activities of security services focused on protection of Internet freedoms, and the practical experience of EU countries in combating external malign activities.


WWe have invited international experts from the United States (Arturo J. Carillo) and the Czech Republic (David Stulik and Kristyna Yerhotova), who will present a thorough study of the international practice on this topic, as well as Ukrainian lawyers, media specialists and other stakeholders.
Unfortunately, due to objective reasons related to the ability to efficiently moderate an online discussion, the number of potential participants is limited, and the organizers reserve the right not to register everyone interested.

At the same time, all registered participants will receive a link to the online streaming of the event, which can be viewed at any time on our YouTube channel.

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