In order that every citizen has access to legal aid, Ukraine has put in place a system of free legal aid - one of the most successful social projects of the Ministry of Justice and the Government of Ukraine, which has become possible also thanks to the support of international partners that consider the Ukrainian model of legal aid one of the best in the world.

Free legal aid - is the legal aid that is guaranteed by the state and is fully or partially provided at the expense of the state budget, local budgets, and other sources.

The system of free legal aid is quite extensive and includes, in particular, a Legal Aid Coordination Center, regional and local secondary legal aid centers, as well as legal aid bureaus, which are territorial offices of local centers and located as close as possible to people.

In order to deliver high quality legal services within the framework of the free legal aid system, in 2018, for the first time among government authorities, a communication platform was created for professional training and introduction of innovative practices in the field of law and access to justice – the PRAVOKATOR network of legal clubs, the name of which intentionally includes the term “PRAVO”, which puts the emphasis on “positive provocation”.

The PRAVOKATOR network covers the entire territory of Ukraine, because it is located in 5 major cities: Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa and Lviv, and is focused on specific activity areas.

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